About Us

Aquatic exercise has long been available at indoor community pools and gyms with temperatures in the mid 80's and outdoors where colder water makes it uncomfortable to exercise during winter months. These pools are often crowded, with little space for walking or exercise since the focus tends to be on lap swimming. The focus of most gym aquatic programs is on structured exercise classes that may not appeal to everyone.

WaveFit provides a dedicated space for individuals to ambulate and train in the therapeutic environment of a 90 degree heated indoor pool. WaveFit offers the opportunity for resistance training with sport cords, water dumbbells, and flotation devices. WaveFit also provides pool space to work on balance and an opportunity to float with belts/noodles for complete decompression of all joints and spine for pain relief.

The goal of WaveFit is to serve the health of people in the local and surrounding communities by providing aquatic fitness and physical therapy services to those at all fitness levels. Elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the use of our facility to cross-train or recover from injury. The injured and elderly can use WaveFit facilities to recover, improve mobility and balance, and reduce inflammation and pain.