Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

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Exercise without Pain

Removing the pain from exercise promotes compliance with those struggling from joint pain. weakness, poor balance, and overall deconditioned state.

Benefits of Buoyancy and Floating

By taking advantage of the body's buoyancy in waist-to-chest-deep water, 50-75% of a person's body weight is eliminated. This takes the weight off the submerged joints and allows people to move virtually pain free in the water.

Decrease Inflammation

The hydrostatic pressure from being underwater naturally decreases inflammation, promotes circulation, and minimizes muscle soreness associated with exercise.

Prevent Falls

Research has shown that exercise in chest deep water helps to improve balance and coordination and leads to reduced risk of falls in the elderly.

What our clients say!

Pool therapy has made me stronger overall and I can continue to maintain my activity schedule without feeling like I am getting older and weaker.

Sue Ellen Eslinger
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